Thursday, 23 April 2009

Unexpected Delights!

I had an impromptu visit from my friend Jenny (not of the blueflower variety but the Erin's Mum at playgroup variety). She came brandishing gifts;

Not butter cookies, although I'd never say no to a tin of biccies, but beautiful buttons she had gathered at her granmother's house;

Just look at that huge big red flower one, made me shriek with delight, there is only one of those sadly :-( but many other wonderful buttons. Like any other older lady she has saved all the buttons from her old clothes and coats so there is a huge array of styles, sizes and colours. A huge thank you Jen!!

I have not managed to take any pics of Elizabeth in her top yet as it has no straps and I have been aching from the smocking I did yesterday. I think the way it has to be stretched and pulled through the sewing machine uses muscles I don't usual trouble as this morning I woke with terrible chest pains and an ache in my right arm pit. Not a heart atttack though!! It was fine once I got going but began to be sore again when I started Elizabteh's dress :-( The old muscles will have to get strong or just get used to it as the dresses look so fabulous I am going to make many many more!!

Daisie xxx


Tamsyn said...

Lucky you. You'l have great fun going through the buttons. The dresses are so sweet.

Tip Top said...

OOhhh! We used to get those biscuit tins! Lovely buttons and dresses!