Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Swaps And Eggs!

My beautiful swap parcel arrived yesterday from the very generous Mel, full of luverly springtime goodies;

Here they all are (not sure if I was supposed to wait til easter to open my goodies but just couldn't have waited anyway) laid out on a beautiful piece of fabric. Some rather yummy chocolate eggs, these are still in box and may (?) make it to easter weekend, a goose on a stick (sorry there is no other way to describe it) a lovely handstitched cotton goose with a floral beak and a rather nifty looking neck tie. She is so yummy (Francesca rather likes her too) and I am looking for somewhere special for her to sit. Some lovely CK smellies and little trinket box and a pocket mirror and some really nice purple glass beads made into a bracelet.

Thanks so much Mel, I felt very special and after the naff few days I have just had it was just what I needed to cheer me up :-)

And thanks to Pixiedust as well for organising such a lovely swap!

And now I must 'fess up that I have not completed Mel's parcel yet (small bit of knitting to complete) but hopefully it will be on it's way by the end of the week. Sorry Mel!!

Francesca slept again most of yesterday but managed to eat tea and slept very well and woke full of beans this morning and has gone to school. I think she may well need an early night tonight, it always amazes me just how quickly children can become so ill and how quickly they become well again!

I think today's miraculous recovery may have had something to do with it being the judging day for the egg competition at school.

Here is Rapunzel by Francesca;

Here's a close up of her beautiful face, please excuse the cracks (she's had a hard life...) but Nathaniel got a little too involved earlier;

Think I may need to clean the camera lens again?!

There have been two babies born to memebers of the teaching staff at school in the last few weeks so Elizabeth fashioned some nappies from some felt scraps and made the new arrivals;

Isobel and Jack! Bit low tech but a brilliant idea! Hope it makes the judges smile and pick her!!!!!!!

Daisie xxx


bekimarie said...

What lovely goodies, how kind of Mel!
Love Rapunzel!
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Beki xxx

Swirlyarts said...

Rapunzel is fabulous!! And nice goodies too

Pixiedust said...

What gorgeous goodies, I haven't finished my swap parcels yet either. The eggs look great. xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Gorgeous swap!! I havent finished mine yet, but I am getting there slowly.
Love Rapunzel & the babies!! Its great to see children getting creative, something to be encouraged!!!

Have a lovely week!!

Sharon XX

MelMel said...


I'm so chuffed you like it all!

I sent you an email hunni...:>))

Just thought I'd swing by to say hi!xxx

Busy Mama said...

SO enjoying your blog - now my daughter wants to make a Rapunzel too!!! :)

jennyflower said...

Hiya! How are you doing? Did the eggs win? Have you finished your swap box? Tell me, tell me!

Julie said...

How cool is Francesca's Rapunzal egg!!!!! Poor little mite, glad to hear that she is feeling better she so sad modeling the lovely hat and bag in your last post. Still made a gorgeous model even when poorly..... Love your shoulder bag, the material is gorgeous, I am on the look out for more cool bag patterns coz this bag making is so addictive. X