Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have had a wonderful day today. I have been out with my dear friend Gil, we went to a nearby town to check out a fabric shop that had been recommended by a woman in B&Q (of all places). We were not disappointed. I bought these beautiful bright cottons (more smocking planned) there is a metre of each on the left and 3 metres of the one on the right;

I found this amazing fabric for a boy project I have planned;

And this;

I got a whole bag of goodies for only £17!! And I was very pleased because I saw several fabrics that I have had from SAMS (in my £5 basket) that are priced between £18.99 and £22 a metre!!

I also recieved a parcel in the post today from the wonderful Emma;

This is a terrible picture of the bag (am sure Emma will have taken some better ones). It is absolutely beautiful. It is purple and it has buttons so is perfect for little old me!
There were fabulous specially picked goodies inside too.

This little felt purse;

Some beautiful ribbons and papers and a little trinket box full of sparkles;

Thank you so much Emma, I hope your swap arrives soon and makes you as happy as you have made me!

There were also lots of charity shop finds but I'll share them with you tomorrow.

The may fayre is tomorrow from 3.30 til 5.30 at Ightenhill Primary School, Alder Street, Burnley if anyone is near and fancies coming and saying hi?

Do hope I have enough stock!!

Daisie xxx


kleinzonnetje said...

Love the fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Hope your craft fair goes well. Lovely fabrics - you'll have to let me know where it is so I can go look next time I'm in Burnley :) Very jealous of your sure start activities. Love to you and your littlies, Stella & brood xxxxxx

Jude said...

Good luck tomorrow

Bagladee said...

Good luck with the fair tomorrow, thanks for the glad you liked your swap parcel it was a pleasure making them for you :) loving those fabrics you bought today. xx

Swirlyarts said...

Love the fabric!! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the material!! Love that swap too!!!!
I hope you have a great day tomorrow at the craft fair! Wish I lived nearer, I'd love to see you, and all your makes!! I think Northamptonshire is a bit too far away though!!!

All the best, and have a great weekend : )

Sharon xx

Julie said...

Ooooooooooo I LOVE the pirate fabric. Hope your carft fair goes well. X

twiggypeasticks said...

What a pretty post, love the fabrics, espesh the boy stuff!! lovely swap goodies too. Lots of luck for tomorrow.
Twiggy x

Mandy said...

Just discovered your blog and I love it. Love the pirate fabric my grandson Archie would love that!