Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I had measured the children, chopped fabric, ironed and pinned straps and hems and stuff. All ready to throw some lovelies together for my lovelies last night while they enjoyed the benefits of an early night and Simon worked late. Sadly it was not to be I had forgotten the vital ingredient (or at least couldn't find it)! Felt rather stuid and disappointed.

Anyhoo, today after boobie club and baby yoga Nathaniel and I went in search of our missing component and then while he whined this afternoon (more about that later) I threw this little number together for Francesca;

She is very pleased with it even though it's not pink (but Mummy has a cunning plan)!

I am very pleased with the finish;

Elizabeth and I went in search of a suitable swim suit for her school swimming and while trawling the shops I saw hundreds (not an exageration at all!) of smocked tops and sundresses. Millions in fact! They all seemed ridiculously expensive for what they are and I knew every little girl will be wearing the same ones this summer. Not my girls with their DaisieDavies originals!!

It was easier than I had expected and is great for singing in;

Not so sure about the winter boots with it though, but then again we are talking about the British summertime! Great on it's own or over a swim suit, great over shorts/leggings and t-shirt and in the right fabric great with jeans and jumper for the autumn?

Francesca's is knee length but am planning on making one up for Elizabeth this evening that is hip length to go with her leggings.

Yesterday saw teeth being pulled out. Here's a pic of the offending molar;

She made me take a picture of the hole too but didn't think you'd really want to see that! It has been neatly wrapped and stuffed under her pillow with a little note for the tooth fairy. We were uncertain if she would come for a tooth that had been poorly rather than one that had just been wobbley (although I suspect she will), we are waiting til the morning to see what happens.....

Now, my grumpy boy, he has been horrid all day. Whilst he yelled at me at boobie club I noticed the corners of his very back bottom molars looking very pointy and sharp in gums that looked very red and sore. Some calpol, a banana and a love later and he seemed to have improved. Until I wanted to do some sewing! He wouldn't settle in bed, he wouldn't play or be distracted in any way, shape or form. I managed to get it done in fits and starts. Then noticed when he threw a massive strop that his teeth had emerged some more during the day. Poor boy! One child has them coming out and the other has them growing in. Neither is particularly comfortable :-(

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Now that is on gorgeous little sun dress! And one monster of a tooth!

Jude said...

Cute little dress, show us the shorter version too please!
Teeth, eh? What would we be like them ? He, he!

Sarahs Home said...

What a lovely dress, well done.. How did you manage the smocking? I always thought that it would be hard to do.

Michaela said...

I always wanted to be a dentist. This post has made me so glad I didn't realise my dream!

And do tell, I'm intrigued, what is 'boobie club'?