Monday, 20 April 2009

A Lovely Day

The girls were back at school today and (unlike usual) we were speedy and efficient in our organisation this morning. No yelling (well, very little) and we all left the house smiling with clean PE kits and swimming stuff and lunch boxes and book bags and light jackets (just incase), oh and a dream potion (but that's another story).

Nathaniel and I decamped to the garden on our return from the drop off. We swept and tidied the dead daffies and dug up and moved some flags (me, not him) and moved some pots and an oak tree (only small) and walked around looking manly and banging a big stick (him, not me)! We hung washing and generally enjoyed being in the sun.

We had a visit from my friend Naomi and Baby Dan at lunch time and I got to show off the newly (but only halfly) varnished floor in our bedroom. Simon has worked so hard this past two weeks; paint is on the walls and ceiling, the chimney breast has been pointed and painted, the electrics are done so I can now plug the vac in and we have lights. My lovely IKEA shade in the main bedroom and swivelly (is that even a word) spots in the huge cupboard/walk-in wardrobe/space for sewing machine and stash. Simon finished sanding and revarnishing the floor last night but it will need another two coats to be it's best. So hopefully, everything crossed, we can trim and fit the skirting board at the weekend and then when the blinds and bed are delivered we can sleep in a proper bed!!!!!!!! Nearly wetting myself with the excitement. I was going to show you pics but think I'll wait until we have finished and then you can get the full impact.

When Naomi left we ventured over to SAMS to hunt for some inspiration for a bag swap I am invloved in at the mo. My partner wanted something purple but she also loves chocolate colours. My stash is kinda hard to get to still and I could find nothing near the top of the boxes or near the front that was suitable. What's a girl to do?!

I got a huge bag of assorted colour and length zips;

Some upholstery fabric in cream with mint and chocolate leaves on and some very shiny choccie coloured lining (that's the bag sorted me thinks);

Some lovely grey/heather toned yarns (although they do look a bit blue here);

Two bigish pieces of John Lewis linen/cotton blend fabric to make something for my biggest daughter, watch this space;

A good day! Which is good because tomorrow is likely to be horrid. Nathaniel and I will do playgroup as usual (not horrid bit) but then we have to take Francesca to the have a tooth pulled out.......................oh! She has had a very bad infection that has cleared a little with a week of quite strong antibiotics but the gum was so swollen it has actually moved her molar, argh! Our dentist seemed to think (and I must say I DO agree) that we should just remove it as it is only a baby one and it will stop any recurring infection. My poor baby, she suffers so with her pearly whites. Perhaps that is what you get for never noticing them when they arrived. She was just eight weeks old when the first two arrived at the bottom and she had them ALL by the time she had her first birthday! And there's Nathaniel, nearly two with just sixteen and a bit teeth. She is continuing true to form and now sports seven adult teeth and she's only 5!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

The zips look good! Can't go to Sams though until the end of April - need to continue using up what I have!! Give Francesca a big cuddle from us x

MollyandIzzie said...

Hellooooo stranger. Seems you have been busy! Can't wait to see the 'upstairs' when its done. I am pining for SAMS and its only been a few weeks! hehe

I hope all goes well with Francesca tomorrow.

See you all soon i hope.

x x x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hugs to your little Francesca!!! My son had to have a baby tooth out, when he was six, so I can remember how it was. In fact, hugs to you both!!
Your bedroom sounds as though it will be fantastic!! Can't wait for the pics!! Love the sound of your little craft area. I still have a small spare room full of junk, but hopefully later on this year it will be transformed to a little craft room!
Love the fabrics for the bags, great choice!

Hope the week goes well, tomorrow especially!!

Sharon xx

jennyflower said...

Good luck with the tooth, poor baby. Anna will be 3 in June and stil dosen't have all hers! Your day sounds ace- I am quite jealous. If you see usable length zips at Sams again can I ask you to grab a handfull for me- pretty please? xxxxx

Tip Top said...

I can't go either - doing same as Swirly, but your stuff looks very fab! And like the look of the fabric for a bag!

Hope dentist is ok...