Sunday, 26 April 2009


Well, we were up early as a builder was coming to have a look at my back wall. Very good, just waiting for a quote now so we know how many kidneys we need to sell to fund the project!!

Some more skirting is in place in the bedoom and we have lugged down some book cases from the attic, starting to look like a room now. Sadly still no bed but I'll enjoy it all the more when it finally gets here!!

My Father-In-Law came over this afternoon to help Simon re-plumb the radiator in. While they were doing male bonding and making sure I'll be warm this winter I packed my greetings cards in plastic bags and stacked them in the display box, counted all the hair clips, put yetserday's brooches on backing cards, made some notecard sets, packed my handbag swap stuff ready to post in the morning, made a list of everything I have for the fair and decided on their prices. I even managed to get these two shopping totes sewn up;

I quite like the little one with the oak leaves on, if it doesn't sell I can see it being very at home with my little collection of shoppers!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

I love the oak leaf fabric. Good luck with the fair. When is it?

Jude said...

It's a lovely bag. good luck.

Sharon said...

They are lovely bags! You wouldn't want to send the men over to sort out my radiator would you? The plumber is so unreliable we've resorted to just plastering around it!

Sarahs Home said...

I love the bags, I dont think I could choose which one so would have to have both..LOL..

Sarah x