Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Week In Pictures

School holidays, hurrah! A little bit of crafty shopping with children in tow, always good for inspiration!

A visit to the park;

With one big and two small Swirls;

A grown up art class with small girls in tow (little man in the creche). Some silk painting for their new rooms;

I managed to have a play at marbeling the silk and embellished it with some salt which I didn't get the time to do last time;

Not a fab finished item but it was fun to experiment and I had to help lots while Elizabeth created this amazing peacock;

And Francesca designed this princess by herself and I copied it onto the silk in gum so she could add the colour herself. I think she looks amazing;

Especially her puckered up, ready for a big kiss with the prince lips!!
I bought some wooden clothes pegs and took them apart and painted them and then put them back together again, complete madness! My fingers were sooooo sore!! I added lots of yummy wooden and felt bits from my stash and now have nearly 100 fancy pegs;

Great for pegging wellies together, the girls have used some to make clips to hold their pictures together and I have stuck some magnet to one and it's now on the fridge with lots of useful lists!
Then we made cake;

Catching up with friends and doing some long awaited decorating....... pics to follow......
Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

What a fab week Daisie. The cakes look scrummy and your girls look like they are gonna be just as artistic and creative as their mummy. xxx

niftyknits said...

I feel like I've been to stay with a friend :-) You have a lovely family, it only seems yesterday mine were like that...and now they're all grown ups :-D

Linda said...

Gosh your little ones are growing so.... Love the girl's art work - beautiful! I am an art teacher and love the hand-print peacock idea.I peek in on your blog every once in awhile and love watching your family antics. Have a lovely spring!
Kelcey's mom,
ps: I'm so excited to go visit Kelcey and little Lilikoi at the end of next week during our school vacation!

jennyflower said...

Oh come on Daisy, couldn't you have crammed in a bit more! Seriously, what a lot of fun! Now have a sit down and one of those cakes. xxx

Jackie said...

Have a happy easter.

MelMel said...

Thank you again for the lovely swap!
I love it all!

Just doing my thank you post!xx