Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Forced Imprisonment

The down side to having three children is that it seems when one gets better another one becomes ill. Poor Francesca spent all Sunday night being sick, her bed got changed many times but the little trooper did manage to make it to the toilet on two occasions! Yesterday she spent either asleep or crying, she is very hot and very sorry for herself (and I am quite sorry for her too). She decided that she would try and have a bath yesterday (as has sick in hair) if I would 'wash her like a baby' so off I went to get a deep bubble bath ready. By the time I came back to get her she was asleep, so Nathaniel and Elizabeth went in before tea. Francesca slept fitfully from four, only waking for more paracetamol.

But being trapped in the house tending Francesca, nursing my cold and entertaining Nathaniel has been quite a good thing. I did loads of sewing for the May Fayre at school, three hats and matching handbags. Francesca did let me put a hat on her as they look terrible when photographed unworn;

We had a very long cuddle afterwards as I am such a mean Mummy and felt awful for making her sit up!

Here are the bags that match the hats. All vintage floral cottons from my Mum's stash so probably not much younger then me;

I had a bit of the Cath Kidsonesque blue with pink flowers left so ironed on some interfacing and cut into flowers. I sewed some to denim squares and then sewed them onto white card blanks. They look really good but the photo was very crap, the flash kept insisting on going off and the white card was blinding. Will take some more pics when the sun comes out again.

Today I dug out this yummy piece of linen (John Lewis, no less) from my stash and using this tute as inspiration (didn't copy pattern just cut randomly as usual) made this lovely little shoulder bag;

I spotted a link for this tute in a post by the lovely Julie, thanks!! It's a really simple idea and looks fabulous, have already chopped one out in the fabric I used for my Mum's birthday bag. And am going to try and make a more child styled one for the girls for the summer.

Need to be off now giving lots of cuddles and I will try again to keep Francesca awake long enough for me to wash the sick from her hair!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

Poor little thing does look a bit flushed and unwell - Hope she feels better soon :O)

Tip Top said...

Bleugh! What a time eh?! Fortunatly both my two are not sick at the same time - usually around a week apart which helps no end with the washing. Such thoughtful boys!!

Hope you all get better soon! And I love the little bags - they are just so fab!

Swirlyarts said...

Poor Francesca - hugs and cuddles from us :)

Becks said...

I love those bags!
And know what you mean about the children all being poorly one after the other, we've just had a 10 day run of tummy bugs and its only just reaching my olders now.
Ooops sorry, discovered your blog when I clicked on Lancashire bloglists and knitting lol. Hope you dont mind.

MelMel said...

Just popped by for a catch up!

Your so young at 31....I'm 37 this yr!

I posted the swap parcel, should get to you in plenty of time!xxx

Jude said...

Lookat that poor girl's face!!Hope she had lots and lots of cuddles....
Is she feeling better today?

sue said...

sending healing hugs....hope the little uns are feeling better :)
Oh and I love the bags, they are gorgous!
sue xx

MollyandIzzie said...

That bag is fab! Love it Love it Love it! hehe

Glad to hear that all babbies are well again!
x x x