Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Mermaid

Being a bad blogger again this week, sorry!

The usual has been happening, playgroups, school runs, boobie club, ironing etc....

I did get some lovely buttons in the post from Jenny (and some other lovelies) *but I forgot to take a pic and can't be bothered to go and do it now, so next time there will be lovely photos of lovely Jenny lovelies! Thank you Jen!!!!

My art class this week was shadow boxes and we did some work with clay. I followed a water type thing as there is a HUGE silk painting in the stairwell that Jackie (meant to ask her if she's online anywhere so I can give you a link but forgot, couldn't find her when googling) painted with some children at school, it's about 6m by 3m and is a beautiful blue and is covered in fishes.

I painted the inside of the box frame with blues and greens and added some glitter too. Once they were set to dry Jackie gave us all a lump of clay and we had amazing fun, like playdough only better. Not sure I'm the greatest at it but here is my mermaid;

Her face is a little off and I think she looks slightly constipated but I am very pleased with her tail and hair!

This morning Nathaniel and I have made half a dozen felt hanging hearts (no photo, sorry, see *) for an up and coming craft fair, three fabric flowers are waiting to have their petals stitched in and buttons found for their centres, and I have assembled some knitted bead bag dangles with beads I knitted on tuesday morning at playgroup, they all think I'm mad and I think they're probably quite right!!!

I am making several bags and hats for the fair and found this piece of fabric, really love it but there isn't enough for a bag so I got out my trusty scissors and chopped some rectangles and some squares and sewed them all together in about 15 minutes and made this Daisie version of a shabby chic door stop;

Think it looks rather good? I have just bunged some polyfil into it so I could photograph it and without any rice or dried peas in the bottom it'll never hold a door open and it needs a damn good iron!! It has given me some inspiration for a swap I am involved this space........

Parents' evening tonight for Francesca so the children are off to have tea with a friend, Nathaniel and I have made a lemon cake to take for pud.

Daisie xxx


MelMel said...

The doorstop is fab!

Had a jolly afternoon off making your swap hope you will like it.....:>)))

Think I've covered all your likes!

Pixiedust said...

The mermaid is lovely Daisie, love the colours and I can't believe you whipped up that doorstop in 15 mins! I've noticed Mels already finished her swap stuff!!!!! I've only just started and I'll be a while yet, I'm not the most organised of beings.
Take Care
Pixie xxx

Hannah said...

Love the doorstop :) What's the swap? tell me tell me!!!!! :)

Tip Top said...

Fab mermaid - she looks like she is thinking of what to have for tea and not consitipated!