Thursday, 5 March 2009

Button Maker

Having seen all the lovely buttons that have been swapped in blogland of late (not sure how I missed that one?) inspired me to go grab some fimo and make my own. The fimo wasn't nearly as pricey as I had feared but cutters?! Blimey, found some I really liked and then had to decide if I liked them enough to remortgage my house! So no new miniature cutters for me (but I do have a birthday coming up, hint, hint...) so I had to improvise with some chocolate moulds I have in the kitchen drawer and some badly drawn card templates;

A daisy, well, what else! Love the little leaves, they are made using a marble finish fimo and the daisy and butterfly have a glitter content. I can see a set of these on a little girl's cardigan, leaves all the way up and a flower under the chin!

Then using my recently discovered, perfectly sized button cutter (my wedding ring) I made some more in the sparkly stuff and made a spotty pattern around the edge with a very sharp pencil;

And you must please note just how sunny it is out there in my garden today, I can hardly believe it, bloody cold though!! Doesn't seem to be scaring the daffies though, there are new yellow heads nodding at me every day.

Yesterday I attended an adult art class (oooh, that sounds rude), partly becasue I like to learn new things and partly to let Nathaniel have some more time in the creche and try and address some of his seperation issues. And it was free!!!! Yes FREE!!!!

It's a three week course and this week was silk painting;

It was amazing to do, I really enjoyed it. We were asked to draw a design, I copped out and went with a flower (again) and then we drew this image onto the silk with a rubberised paint, when that had dried we got going with lots of fabulous coloured inks. I seem to have created a strange dappled effect with the purple in my background, not sure I could do it again but am quite pleased. I am so thrilled with the overall finished piece that I have even forgiven myself for the huge gold splodge at the top of the flower. As first attempts go I am rather proud of myself and can't wait to see it framed up ready to go into our bedroom (when we eventually finish it)!!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

I like the wedding ring ones - they are fab!! Cool silk painting too

Tip Top said...

Good buttons and silk painting!!

Pixiedust said...

Drooling over those buttons daisie, they are gorgeous. xxxx

JuliaB said...

I've often wondered about Fimo ... does it set really hard? Do you have to bake it? I always imagine it to be like plasticine ... but I like the idea of making buttons and beads ..x