Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Last Few Days

In order for Nathaniel to do this;

I had to do this;

So glad it's all done and away and I won't have to do any for a while (although the basket is already half full again)!

I have been painting crockery for a paying customer (oooh);

And some for Francesca's friend;

On Mother's Day I was greeted (after a lovely lie in) with this beautiful card from Francesca, she has cut out all the flowers by herself which is not easy with crappy school scissors when you're left-handed;

"The pollen (sparkly bits) has nearly all gone from the yellow one as bees like yellow best and the blue one doesn't have much left but the pink flower has lots of pollen because they are saving that one until last." Apparently.

Elizabeth made me this one:

The poem on the front reads;

Mummy is the best.

Usually not a pest.

Mummy is much better than the rest.

My Mummy is so brill, she can stitch a frill.

Young as always, she will never get old.

Ah, sweet. But how quickly she changes her tune, last week I was 'middle-aged' and now I am young?

I has this beautiful pop-up flower pot inside;

I got a french one too;

And inbetween walking the beach and other delights I have been making these small purses for the school spring fair;

Yesterday saw a trip to IKEA with a chum and some amazing fabric bought but I will wait until it is transformed into something wonderful before I show you.....

Oh, and I almost forgot, I did a cute daisy type thingie as a guest writer over on cuteable!

Daisie xxx


Marie said...

My ironing pile looked like that - only about 5-fold *SIGH* I hate laundry.

Lovely cards, that poem is so cute.

I love the plates etc too. What did you use to paint those? *Christmas present ideas forming in brain* ;)


kleinzonnetje said...

I love home made cards the best! I was lucky enough to have some of those on Sunday too. Well done for doing all that ironing - I tend to do mine when the pile gets so big it falls over! We should have an 'expose your ironing pile' day to see whose is the worst!

Thecraftytrundler said...

What lovely little cards, there is so much love put into them, and I'm sure you'll keep them !!!
The plates are lovely, this is another thing I want to do. I did have a few goes at a local class, but unfortunately,the lady has moved to Wales!!!
Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

Scary Mommy said...

You always get my creative juices flowing-- awesome creations! And that photo is precious. A good reason to keep folding laundry. :)

jennyflower said...

Wow, what a lovely round up. Guesting on Cuteable? You are a star, and didn't you find some lovely things? Those flower purses are really cute, so much nice stuff! xxx

Tip Top said...

Erm - whats ironing then?! Not something I do..... Great cards and well done on Cuteable!!

Sweet Mess said...

Those girls are so clever and crafty! Must get it from their Mum! I look forward to getting some sweet cards like that someday :)
Enjoy that tiny laundry lull!