Thursday, 26 March 2009

Little Green Hitler Tash

Not sure now I've written the post title whether it's entirely appropriate? Oh, what the heck, am sticking with it anyhoo!

Today I have been feeling mightily under the weather after puking for many hours during the night, so much so that my throat began to bleed! Very alarming! Feeling slightly better just a bit washed out and knackered. I'm hoping that it's the same bug that has been doing the rounds at school the last week or so. If it is I'll feel 100% myself again by tomorrow which will be good!

Even though I am ill and knackered I dragged myself (kicking and screaming?) to meet Swirly and Sarah at SAMS. I got some beautiful fabrics, a water colour painting set for my father-in-law and some small pieces of coloured leather and suede.

I ran the suede through the die cutter to embellish some note books I bought a while ago;

You can see the texture better in this shot;

I have been meaning to do something with these for a while, am thinking of doing a few more and taking them to the school fair. Think little girls will love them (I know mine do)!

And with regard the title, the children and I have been creating delights for Simon's birthday tomorrow. Daren't show you any pics yet incase the big man comes and has a look when he gets home from work tonight. Will show you lots tomorrow! Nathaniel did do lots of doodling where we asked him to but he also managed to doodle on his face and ended up looking like this;

The little green 'tash looks much better in the flesh! The girls thought he looked very funny and I thought it was highly fitting for the mood he has been in all afternoon!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

I love those little notebooks. I hope you feel 100% better by tomorrow - these bugs are always horrid! Jackie :O)

Jude said...

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow for birthday celebrations.
Love the leather embellishments.

Tip Top said...

Hahahha! Own up - you drew it on him didn't you?!!

Julie said...

Ahhh what a cute tash...... Poor you sounds like you are pretty ill, hope that you will be feeling better very soon!!! When you do feel better then you can pop over to my blog as I have fixed my link and the shoulder bag tutorial is now there for you to check out!! You should definitely give it a go, it must be super easy if I have managed to make one. Let me know if you make one too.... Big happy healthy hugs. Julie X

Tamsyn said...

Love the Hitler tash, he looks quite cross! Hope you are feeling better this morning x

niftyknits said...

ouch! hope your throat is better soon.

Sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

jennyflower said...

I do hope you are all better today, big birthday hugs to Simon. And a little squeeze for your little Arian.