Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sun And Mugs

We awoke this morning to beautiful sunshine and not too cold temperatures so when Simon set off for his training course this morning the children and I packed the pram with bananas and bottles of water and set off to the park.

Nathaniel had a slide;

Francesca had a see-saw;

And Elizabeth had a swing;

Then they all swapped around and around until everyone had done everything (several times) and we were getting bored so we went in search of flowers;

I don't think these have been open long as there are still yellow ones in the park. Squirrels eat the yellow ones which is why you only usually see them in the middle of round-a-bouts. At least that is what I have been led to believe all my life, am sure someone will disprove this in the comments?

Then we went and bought lunch from the bakers and walked up to meet Simon and we all came home together.

Really glad we went out this morning as not long after we returned home it began to rain and it has been decidedly horrid since. But Enchanted on DVD and lots of snuggles has kept the blues at bay. And I managed to knit the other bootee!

And in that beautiful box yesterday were some fabulous goodies from the lovely Emma;

Some sweeties that seem to have disappeared, must go and sniff the children's breath! Some beautifully wrapped little parcels, some biccies (always a good idea) and some lovely teas to try.

I am pleased to see that I wasn't the only person to paint the mug!

Inside the mini-parcels there were some fabby glitzy organza pieces and some funky net, Francesca has her eye on the pink already! Some buttons (spotty and checked ones, squeek), some sequins and she also included a lovely little felt brooch that is purple, yum;

You really should pop over the Emma's blog using the link above as her pictures are much better. Although she will have taken her time over them, I was too busy keeping the small hands at bay and tearing open the packing!

Thanks Emma and thank you Jenny for such a brilliant idea!

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Hi Daisie,

Im so pleased you liked your swap parcel. I had loads of fun picking bits and bobs to go inside.

I must say that this was my first ever attempt at painting a pot. So I hope you dont mind it too much :)

Glad you were my swap recipient and I love reading your blog.
Emma xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely stuff Daisie, looks like you had good fun at the park, did you go on the slide?
Twiggy x

MelMel said...

Hello...just popped in to say hi....your my Easter swap buddy!
Nice to meet you!xx