Saturday, 28 March 2009

An Early Start

The children were up late with us last night palying with balloons and generally being silly so slept a little later this morning (bliss). So I was slightly alarmed to hear the phone ringing at 7am, oh no, thought I, an emergency?! Upon groggily dragging myself down the stairs and doing a quick 1471 (for non UK readers, this number tells you the last number to have phoned you). My friend Claire, what could have happened?! I phoned back only to discover that it was Nathaniel's friend Li-Bau 'chewing' the phone at his house. Phew!

And because I'm up and Simon is slumbering still I thought I'd show you what else I made yesterday;

Some little knitted flower clips. I really like the ones with the spotty and checked button centres.

I have packed them slightly differently for the school fair as I'm not sure how much space I will have. This way they take up less room but I think they still look lovely on my daisy patterned card;

Lazy day today and the start of F1, blimey, can't say as I've missed it but Simon is very excited and feels it is a personal birthday gift from the BBC. I am slightly looking forward to this year's races as I will be able to shut my eyes and listen to Richard Hammond. Mmmmmmmmmmm! If I wasn't married.....

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

Take your phone off the hook tomorrow. & will be 6 in the morning !

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love those little Daisy hair clips, they're gorgeous!!!
Know what you mean about the F1 starting again. Dave is a part time marshall at Silverstone, so you could say he is a tiny bit interested!!!!!


Sharon xx

Tip Top said...

I'm an F1 widow too.......