Friday, 27 March 2009

Happy Birthday Simon!!!

And now I can reveal how my son managed to get a little green tash yesterday, see all the beautiful green colouring? That would be Nathaniel;

Elizabeth decided that Simon was brill and he rocked;

Francesca was responsible for the pink love hearts (well, who else?);

This shot is very dark and I do apologise (I'm sure there is a way I could correct it if I was technically minded) but the girls were so excited when we can home from school that they were washed, changed and ready to 'paaarttaaay' by ten to four!!

Nathaniel and I made a cake this afternoon and it was Francesca's job to light the candles and then call for hush when it was time to sing;

You can't tell from the pic but we artfully arranged the candles in an 'S' shape. I think after your tenth birthday having the same number of candles as years from birth is a little silly and when you get to be as old as Simon it is a positive fire hazard!! And I can say that; I'm middle aged!

Nathaniel didn't like all the singing but was very impressed that Simon managed to blow out all the candles in one go;

After we had all eaten far too much cake we did fun scientific experiments with balloons;

Happy birthday Simon!!
Daisie xxx


twiggypeasticks said...

Fantastic artwork and well worth the green Hitler tash!!! Happy Birthday Simon. Your girls look gorgeous in their party frocks!
Twiggy x

niftyknits said...

Happy Birthday Mr Daisy :-)

Jude said...

Wonderful decorations.
Well done kids,
Happy Birthday Simon

Swirlyarts said...

Happy Birthday to Simon, Happy Birthday to Simon, Happy Biiiirrrrttthhday dear Siiiiiimonnnnn, Happy Birthday to Simon! That what Tara was singing when I said it was Simon's birthday!

Hee - the word verification was prega - thought that was funny!

MollyandIzzie said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Tip Top said...

Looks like a good Birthday!! And lovely cake!

alice c said...

What a happy day - you will look back on this post and be so glad that you have a record of all the decorations and happy smiles!

sue said...

fab pics :)

sue xx