Friday, 6 March 2009

A Productive Day

After Tumble Tots and some lunch, Nathaniel and I managed to sew together three taggy blankets;

These should have been done last night really but I accidently fell asleep when putting Nathaniel to bed, it is becoming a very bad habit of mine at the minute.

Better late than never, I always say!

And I love the randomness of the ribbons on these ones. Eliabeth helped me cut them last night before she went to bed. I am very regimented and methodical when chopping up my ribbon stash and even though I gave her the ruler they are all different lengths! Think it maybe adds to their charm?!

I also knitted half a pair of bootees;

The other half may get knitted this evening but them again, maybe not......

We made a yummy lemon sponge for after tea;

Whilst all that was going on the sweet sticky thick tomato and chilli sauce was simmering away getting more delicious throughout the afternoon ready for the meatballs;

And then to make the day even better, when I collected the girls from school we hot footed it down to the sorting office to fetch this wonderful little boxy parcel;

I shall show you what was in it tomorrow!
Daisie xxx


kleinzonnetje said...

The cake looks delicious - Swap you a piece for a muffin!

Swirlyarts said...

Mmmmmmmmm cake!

MollyandIzzie said...

Snap! - I have that brow coaster too! hehe

The cake looks yummy scrummy!
x x x

Hannah said...

love the bootee ;P

Sweet Mess said...

I like the taggies with the different lengths :)
I would love a slice of that cake right now! mmmmmm
It does sound QUITE productive!