Saturday, 14 June 2008

Today Is A Special Day

Find out here what I mean. Wish I'd known sooner and I could have arranged my own event, one for the diary next year.

Just had to show you this cute picture of Nathaniel and Li-Bau. We went on a shopping day yesterday, the car park ticket had run out but the boys needed boobie and Claire and I were hungry too. Didn't fancy putting any more money in the machine, so we opted for take out food and went and sat in the car. We figured we could heave our bosom and flutter our eye lashes if a traffic warden came our way!! I popped up the middle seat in the front of the car and the boys sat there and shared some chips, cute or what?!

This was the highlight of the day, shopping a bit bad. Got Elizabeth some school socks, some hair things to go in the birthday box, some white knickers for me (yawn) and not much else. I was looking for some jeans but was unsuccessful!

Am taking the girls shopping this morning and have found in my purse a Dorothy Perkins voucher that I was given for my birthday, may have a look in there for some jeans!

A day of making with the girls as it's Father's Day tomorrow and it's Nathaniel's first birthday too!!

Busy, busy, Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Try Tescos for jeans - £5 or £10 a pair!!!

Daisie said...

It's a long story but we don't do tesco. I can hear everyone we know laughing loudly now. Will tell you the tale sometime.
Thanks for the tip though!

jennyflower said...

I have knicked a pair of Simon's jeans which were too big for him...sob! Happy birthday little N. xx

Kaekaesmummy said...

What, no mention of the muck for luck incident? Hee! Hee! x