Saturday, 28 June 2008

A Real Find!

After complaining to Jenny last weekend that I never get lucky in charity shops or car boot sales look what I found last week;

A beautifully old "Mackintosh's Quality Street" tin, not sure how old the tin is but Simon's Mum seemed to think it was older than Simon (ancient then!).

It was filled with all sorts of lovely sewing goodies. There were a dozen zips in assorted lengths and weights;

A bundle of clippings from bras and knickers; lengths of greying elastic and fabric bits with hooks and eyes that had been cut from out grown or too tired to repair underwear before it got turned into dusters (just love the 'make-do-and-mend' vibe). Needless to say these promptly went in the bin! There was some prehistoric sellotape. Little cards with sew-on press studs. Assorted keys. A small collection of bobby pins and hair clips. And the best was waiting at the bottom;

Lots of amazing buttons. There are lots of 1970s plastic ones in lots of lovely colours but there were also some wonderful 1950s buttons that had obviously been taken off a coat or jacket. Little ones, big ones, plastic ones, glass ones, metal ones and all for only £2!! What a find!

We are having a lazy day as Simon is marking (still, poor man). The children and I are not yet dressed and to be honest I don't think we will be until tomorrow. We have watched some dire children's telly, had a picnic lunch and I have knitted some little bootees. A good day so far.

Hope you are having fun too?!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Yeah, my day ok despite the kids driving me mad! Got some new stuff on my website and hope to complete some cards for Funky Hand later.....

Good charity shop find - I must be the only person who is still unlucky in charity shops.....

jennyflower said...

Well done on your tin of treasure. I'm sure you'll regret throwing the grey elastic away when your pants fall down though!