Sunday, 8 June 2008

Race Day

Blimey, we didn't get rained on! Hurrah!! The sun was out (maybe a little too warm) and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Here's Francesca and I in the 'MILK' t-shirts that I managed to borrow last week from Kirsty;

On the reverse of mine is the study that shows you can halve your chance of developing breast cancer by breastfeeding your children. On the back of Francesca's it simply says; 'Breastfed and Healthy', sorry, banging on again.....

Here we are just after the start, we had danced the YMCA song several times, had a quiet time to remember the people we had all lost and a big cheer for all those we knew who had 'survived' or were still fighting cancer and stretched our ham strings. L-R Naomi, Mum, Charlotte and me;

A couple of 'action' shots now, bit scary, here are Naomi and I running towards the end (in the middle of the pic);

As we passed my Dad and Simon we collected the girls to do the home stretch with us. Here are Francesca and I nearing the finish line, Naomi and Elizabeth were ahead of us as Naomi is considerably younger than me and Elizabeth has longer legs than Francesca (that's our excuse and we're sticking to it)!

Each runner had a number to pin to their front and we were given pink squares to write on why or who we were running for. Mum's was lovely, it said "My daughters and my granddaughters so they never have to go through what I did (see front for details)" The very brave woman went out without her prosthesis in!!!

Naomi and I did it in 43 minutes, a little running, a little fast walking. Not bad for 5KM in the hot sunny sunshine!! We are going to train more next year and run the whole thing!

A thank you to everyone who sponsored me!

Will be back later with a randomly selected winner.....

Daisie xxx


Sharon said...

Oh well done! I hearted you too!:)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Yay!! Well done girls!!

jennyflower said...

Three cheers for you and Mum, and everyone! Go girls!