Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Muck For Luck

Hello, had a day off from blogging yesterday as have had the migraine from hell. It started on Sunday night and just got worse and worse. I have managed to eat today (sandwich at lunchtime, which is the first thing since Sunday afternoon). Spent most of yesterday either asleep or with my head in the toilet. All the children and Simon were wonderful, made their own toast and everything!!

In my vomit ridden dehydrated madness last night I remembered that it was my friend Caroline's birthday on the 12th, I had forgotten (bad, bad friend!!)! Caroline is great though and will understand fully and not hold it against me! I was very organised too as I had bought her present during the January sales!! I even found a really good idea for a chicken card. She keeps chickens in her garden. Here it is;

And just for my friend Claire (AKA: KaeKaesMum, see comments) here is a picture of the bird poo we found INSIDE my car last Friday! We had been shopping and had picnicked in the car so we could feed the boys, how we didn't notice a seagull with it's arse through the slightly open window - I don't know!! We nearly laughed ourselves to death when we noticed it. Lucky I didn't put my arm in it whilst driving!!

Daisie xxx

PS: Go on over to Ruth's blog and check out my giveaway goodies, they finally arrived!!


jennyflower said...

Hello poppet, are you feeling all better yet? Sorry to hear that you've been feeling rubbish. That chicken card is super ace! Really enjoed your pics of N in the last post too, Anna is 2 next week! (not really it's just a joke someone's playing on me?!)

Sharon said...

Hope you're feeling better! Love the poo! Is that a 'special' design feature on that model of car?! Still looking for brain....