Saturday, 7 June 2008


What a week it has been.

I spent Wednesday morning at Boundry Mill with my mother-in-law, not overly exciting (she bought lots and lots of things) but I did manage to buy myself a new black (surprise, surprise) top that has rather nice puff sleeves.

Thursday was our usual boobie group and I remembered to collect a 'MILK' t-shirt for tomorrow's Race For Life. Simon and I had been to a meeting at nursery school at 9am to discuss Francesca's progress and the transition to school. She's very bright and popular, but we knew that already. The staff at nursery can see no problems with the move to school at the beginning of September. We both left smiling. We know all these things about our children but there is something amazingly satisfying when others see the same and tell you so. I could become a parent/teacher's meeting junkie!! Later that evening we went to school to do all the paper work there and meet the teachers and see the classroom (we are old hands though). It was strange sitting there with Nathaniel on my lap thinking of when Francesca was just a tiny bit bigger sitting with me while we filled in all the forms for Elizabeth. I am much less scared this time. I know the teacher Francesca will have next year is marvellous and that she will flourish in her care (as Elizabeth did in Y1). And school's not so scary when you know what's coming. I think that makes it easier for Francesca too, everything is familiar to her.

Friday saw a trip into Manchester in search of a bra, I won't embarrass us all by telling you how big it was but when I emerged from the changing room with a huge white contraption all Claire could do was giggle. We both thought that if the traffic was heavy going back home we could tie it to the car as it would make such a good sail, we may even take off!! We also did lots of lovely shops but sadly bought nothing for ourselves but many many things for our beautiful daughters! There may be a trip to Blackpool next Friday just for us, yeah, like we could ever go shopping and not buy things for our babies!!

All this with an awful migraine since Tuesday afternoon which has seen me sucking bottles of water at all times, chewing paracetamol at every opportunity and with my head in the toilet more often than not!! Feeling slightly better today, I seem to have stopped chucking up (for now at least) but am feeling 'delicate' and am still in my pyjamas!!

Hope that I am fully recovered tomorrow and that me and Mum don't get rained on!!

And finally, because I don't like pictureless posts, here is my son the great engineer. He built his first 'tower' and was so very pleased with himself, especially when we all clapped and cheered!!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Eeek! Good shopping trips! And I hope you feel better soon!

jennyflower said...

Get well soon my fellow bravissimo girl! Will starting school in Sept and feel fine at the mo but am fully prepared for all that to change. Feels so cruel to get him started on the whole growing up thing.