Friday, 20 June 2008

A Good Day!

It's not even twelve yet and it's been a wonderful day. We went out earlier than usual to drop Simon at a "different work" as Francesca calls it, he's not in the usual place today. Traffic was horrible coming back across town and we only just made it to school on time, minor crisis! Elizabeth has never had a late mark and it would cause her such pain if she did. We made it though, panic over. Dropped Francesca at nursery and she wondered off quite happily for a change. She has been unhappy about being left for the last two weeks since she started visits to big school, I have discovered after many heart to hearts that she is frightened that they will forget to look after her at school. Poor baby!

Nathaniel and I then went into town to the huge post office to post some exam scripts back to the board (Simon marks A-level exam papers for the extra pennies, what a good husband) and then did the charity shops, no joy there, as usual! I think I must be the unluckiest bargain hunter :-( but then on the way up to do the supermarket shop, completely on impulse I went into the pound shop and got these;

Probably not the best glitter glue ever produced but for only a pound who's going to fuss? The colours are fab and they have a really precise nozzle on the top. At that price, the girls can use them too!

And after a huge shop, my fridge is full;

Since becoming a mother I worry that we'll run out of food or that the children won't get enough fruit or veg each day and nothing gives me greater comfort than knowing that my fridge and cupboards are full enough to sustain us should there be a disaster (not that there will be). There are yogurts, strawberries, lots of lovely fruits and veg and also some treats. There is coleslaw (I only make my own on special occasions) for tonight, the girls and I are making pizza after school. There are also some samosas to go with the curry I'll make tomorrow. There is an amazing treat for Sunday breakfast. It's a bit of a cheat. I have never used it before and am very excited at the prospect. It's six croissants in a can. The dough is all done and you simple open it, cut it into triangles, roll it up and bung in the oven and then fifteen minutes later you have fresh croissants! And to make it even better I bought it on Tuesday when I visited a super cut price supermarket type place and it only cost me 69p! Am sure there will be pictures tomorrow!!

Nathaniel asleep after eating a banana and a rice cracker while shopping, it takes it's toll on such a small boy and I have had a wonderful lunch (yes, I know it's early but Nat was awake at 5am so I gave up and got up just before six so it has been a long time since breakfast) of reduced price steak ( a lovely mature piece that was reduced on Sunday afternoon from nearly £4 to only 40p) gently cooked and sliced and placed between two slices of wholemeal bread with lots of lettuce and lashings of mayonnaise, mmmmmmmm!

And I wanted to finish today (sorry, I have been waffling) with a picture of Elizabeth that I took the other night as she read to us from her school reading book; "What's living in your house?" All about the things that live in your house (not children, husbands or even cats), ugh! We were all itchy and scratching by the time she'd finished!!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Can I come and raid your fridge?

Tip Top said...

OOOhhhhh! Glitter glue!! I can't find where the £1 shop moved to in Blackburn after half the shopping centre was pulled down....... But I do have a bad sense of direction....!! Fantastic find though!