Sunday, 29 June 2008

Teaching My Baby To Knit

Well, after not getting dressed yesterday we thought we'd do the same again today (I can hear social services banging on the door now). We have all been bathed and stuff. Not very lazy!? Elizabeth and I both have temperatures and sore throats, I have the startings of a migraine (again) am hoping that some paracetamol and an early night will see the end of it. Simon is marking like a madman as they all have to be done by Tuesday!! Francesca likes being a home bird and is wearing her pyjamas with a denim jacket and high heeled dressing up shoes!

I have been doing some more baby knitting, we have done lots and lots of pictures and made swirly snakes to hang up (when we get round to it).

I have started a cardigan from Jenny's book in really soft lemon yarn. The girls have both shown an interest in learning to knit so today I thought I would try and teach them. Francesca found it really hard and has given up. I'm not sure if it was hard to show her as she is left handed or just because she is only four. I have ordered a knitting dolly (Nancy) for her online so by the end of the week she'll be knitting strings for me to make into coasters and badges and bracelets and stuff. She is not overly disappointed.

Elizabeth on the other hand took to it like a duck to water (as they say) and has knitted a book mark! It is a little loopy in places but for a first attempt is marvellous! Well done Lizzie-Loo!

I think it may be while before she's making these though;

I vow to get dressed tomorrow and have also said that we will be walking to and from school/nursery everyday this week (unless the rain is so bad we are in danger of drowning). I am in need of losing some more of my baby weight (Nathaniel is a year old after all) and am saving the petrol that is left in our car for a trip to IKEA on Friday for our tea! Am so excited, the thought will keep me going all week!! Haven't been since it was my birthday.

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Great booties baby! Go girls on the knitting, brilliant work. Getting dressed is for whimps and I think every mother should continue to look a bit pregnant for the rest of her life, it gives you a better lap for cats and children and tired tramps etc. The idea on the pattern swap is very clever, watch this space and I'll give you first dibs! xxxx

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! I can't remember the last time I didn't get dressed all day!

Good for you getting the girls knitting!! I used to love all that sort of stuff when I was their age!

Lori said...

Congrats on winning the case Daisie!

I wish I could Knit !!

Tip Top said...

I've awarded you something! Have a look on my blog!