Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!!

Hello, I have just spent ages looking at pictures of my baby boy over the last year and deciding which to share with you. If you were here with a cup of tea and a piece of cake I'd show you them all but to put them all on blogger would take a year in itself! So here is a year in pictures.

June: Nathaniel aged just two days in this one, please note Francesca's terrible chicken pox, it was a hard week for her!!

July saw the purchase of our car and digital camera, lots of lovely adventures over the summer holidays;

August was warm and his little arms looked so scrawny in short sleeves;

In September he turned into a smiley little man;

October, brought more of the same;

November was the start of the cold and we snuggled after school with our pyjamas on before tea;

Nathaniel's first Christmas brought lots of fun (and some new socks);

In January his Daddy taught him to fly, I'm not sure how I managed to take this photo as usually when Simon makes the children fly I have to leave the room or at least close my eyes! To his credit he's never dropped one of them;

Nathaniel had wonderful fun with Francesca's birthday balloons in February;

In March he helped me cook;

In April we took this embarrassing pic when Elizabeth made him wear a pink headband (there are lots like this and I hope he can forgive us);

In May he got windswept on Fleetwood sands;

In June he loved his Mummy;

And turned into a big boy;

Happy first birthday Nathaniel, we love you lots!!

And a very happy father's day to all the Daddies out there!!

Daisie xxx


Kaekaesmummy said...

He is soooo cute! Can't believe how quickly they grow up. A great big "Happy Birthday!" Nani chops from all the Stowells, especially Li-Bau x

Kelcey said...

How sweet to see the spectrum of his first year~
and HAPPY BIRTH-DAY to his mom!

Tip Top said...

Happy Birthday!!

PS My winnings have arrived but not yet unwrapped - will blog tommorow (Tue) - thanks!!

Scary Mommy said...

What a sweetie! Hope he had a fantastic birthday!!