Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Simon and I have been happily married now for three years! I don't really count this as our anniversary but celebrate November 25th instead as the night we had our first kiss in 1994!

I didn't get to blog (or anything else) last night as I was filling a custom order for a recycled, felt covered, hand embroidered, note binder with handmade paper pages. Am rather pleased with the evening's work and it was warmly received when I delivered it this morning.

Yesterday saw the arrival of a lovely parcel containing a knitting book from Jenny her daughter Anna had decorated the wrapping specially. Thank you darling!! The book is wonderful and I will be showing you my creations just as soon as I decide where to start, so many ideas!

Am off to try and narrow it down again now, I managed to decide on three designs last night but couldn't decide before bed so am going to try now. The agony!

Daisie xxx


jennyflower said...

Happy anniversary love birds! That felt note book is fab, love the heart and the running stitch. Do you fnd commisions hard?

Sharon said...

Happy anniversary!Love the note book! Did you hand make the paper pages too?x

Daisie said...

No, I cheated and bought the handmade paper, I have made some myself before though.
Comissions are not to hard (or I haven't found them so) as they are usually based on something I have designed before that just needs tayloring to the client's spec.

Sharon said...

Hello! Glad you commented was beginning to doubt my (odd?) sense of humour! Do join in we can all be the Crafting Superheroes of Britain!!! Pants over the tights are an optional extra.....!:0) x

Tip Top said...

Happy Anniversary!! Ours is 8 years in a few weeks but been together since 1992 and lived together since 1993........ I now feel old!!