Saturday, 21 June 2008

Is The Tooth Fairy Coming?

What a day! Must first tell you some slightly frightening and equally exciting news, Francesca has lost a tooth! I panicked at first and thought there was something wrong when she announced her gap. The hole is fine and clean and pink and she doesn't remember the tooth coming out and it's not sore, I know it's a bit early for her second teeth to be coming but I am convinced that is what's happening (will ring dentist on Monday to check anyway). She was only eight weeks old (stupidly young) when the first two teeth came through! The tooth was definitely there when we had lunch but had gone soon after when the girls were making a 'den' on Elizabeth's bunk bed. We thought it would be very funny if Elizabeth got bitten on the bum during the night, ha ha! But we can't find it and wonder if the tooth fairy will make an appearance tonight or not...?

Breakfast was brilliant. I opened the can and found this;

Chopped it up, rolled it and turned the dough into this;

Baked for fifteen minutes and then served with hot coffee;

They went down very well, everyone enjoyed them. Will be doing this again some other weekend. Or because it was so easy Simon may be doing this anther weekend?

I have been card making and general crafting this morning and have made the chicken in a different colourway. I cut all the pieces from brown card and layered them up with foam pads to give the wing and the tail a fuller look. Am rather pleased with the finished card, hope our niece, Kirsty, is too as she turns 21 this weekend!

I also finished my purple knitting project (the one that hurt my finger) today and it is sewn together and stuffed and looks brilliant (even if I do say so myself)! I will post a picture of it tomorrow when it has been delivered to the birthday girl.

Simon is still marking, poor baby, but the end is in sight! The house smells good as I am baking a lemon and orange cake for Tara's party tomorrow, pics to follow as I always like to show a bit of cake!!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

The card is fab - the colours work well too!!

And v impressed with breakfast! Me being a domestic goddess (ha!) may attempt that but ovens are not my bag......!!

Scary Mommy said...

I would slop some Nutella on that breakfast and be in heaven!!!