Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My Beautiful Daughter!

I know this picture doesn't really tally with the title of the post, just let me explain. This is my beautiful daughter Elizabeth. She is losing teeth to make room for her 'big' teeth to come. One fell out at school today so it was brought home wrapped in a tissue ready to go under her pillow. As soon as we were through the door she announced that she needed to write a note to the tooth fairy;

For those of you not accostomed to the scrawlings of a six year old it says; "Dear Tooth Fairy, my top left tooth fell out a few months ago. Can you try and find it? Francesca has also lost her first tooth, it will probably be in my bed. Love from Elizabeth and Francesca xx xx"

When teeth are lost the tooth fairy tends not to come as she only really wants the teeth. Elizabeth thinks that because she'll come for the one under her pillow she may leave money for the last tooth that came out and was misplaced and leave money for her little sister too. What a lovely ssiter she is (sometimes)!

Just to show you that my daughter Elizabeth is beautiful both on the outside and the in!!

Daisie xxx

* Francesca survived the dentist this afternoon. She had a small cavity (told you I was the worst mother in the world) that has been filled and anything with sugar in it is now banned until further notice (until I give in as my guilt subsides).

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Tip Top said...

Awwww sweet!! (no pun intended!) Don't be too hard on yourself - some kids are more prone to fillings - I've never had a filling and I'm the wrong side of 35 and you should see the sweet stuff I eat!!!