Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Little Outing

Firstly a picture to remind us all in the UK that the sun does shine sometimes but after three weeks of rain everyday it's a little hard to remember;

I bet if the hosepipe ban is lifted the rain will stop again :-)

Back to our little outing. The boys and I kind of gatecrashed The Mummy Bloggers Network party at The Manchester Museum. The gathering had been arranged for the launch of Warburtons Snackadoodles and I was invited by kelly who sent me some samples a while ago.

I ummed and ahhed all week, can I do it, can I go somehwere unfamiliar and meet people I don't know.... So Thursday night I printed off a map, scrawled directions on some paper to attach to the dashboard, I braced myself to step out of my comfort zone. We dropped the girls at school and hit the motorway. We found Manchester ok and the university and then did ten minutes of circling and following my gut instinct as the map sort of let us down. It was a bit scary but once in the car park I turned to Nathaniel and said "We made it!" He looked at me and raised his arms in jubilant relief and screamed "woo-hooo!" and then went all serious, touched my hand on the steering wheel and said "aren't we clever Mummy!?"

I was pleased to find we were in the right place when I met Cheshire Mum in the multi-storey and then met Sandy and Amy, it was so noisey and we all had children with us and there wasn't enough time for chatting but Eve and I managed to sneak off near the end and show our boys the biggest dinosaur called Stan. Nathaniel loved it even though he was very tired and a little over whelmed by the whole event, my apologies Eve, he's not usually quite so grumpy!

The museum is fabulous and we'll be going back as a family over the holidays (only three days left of school)!!!

And thank you to Warburtons for the coffee, fruit, snackadoodles and goodie bag (which contained some lovely stuff from the Cowshed, love it, can't wait to slip into a hot bath of grumpy cow, snigger)!

I did miss my Mums at baby clinic though, it's amazing how you get into a routine and build relationships with families, can't wait to catch up on all the community gossip next week.

Daisie xxx


JuicyFig said...

I'm so glad for you that you made it there - it can be cripplingly dificult to step out of your comfort zone sometimes!

I had never heard of these mummy bloggers before, but there was a bit about them on womans hours yesterday - wierd coinkidinks!!!!

ps...I have been thinking...the seeds of an idea really...'craft co-operative' - hmmmmmm


Sleepless Mum said...

Awww no need to apologise. If it wasn't N it would have been T! It was lovely to meet you and the boys on Friday and I'm really glad you liked the museum x

Sandy Calico said...

I'm glad you took the plunge. I haven't met a mummy blogger I didn't like (and I've met LOADS)! Hope to see you again soon x