Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bag Lady*

I have had a really productive day today, I have sewn together these shopping totes that have been cut out and waiting for ages;

They're all made using bits from the scrap box at my local fabric mill, so not one piece cost me more than 75p! Bargain bags!

And instead of googling and finding a tute or two I just cut and sewed some yummy fabrics to these amazing plastic handles I got at the scrap store when I went last week;

I'm not entirely sure if I like them or not, I am more pleased with the one on the left then that on the right but I may just cut them off and try again. Maybe even look for a pattern or something......

All the manic bagginess is for The Gawthorpe Festival next saturday (blimey that sneaked up quick). It was a great day last year and am hoping this year will be as good, if not better. If anyone is near and fancies saying hello it'd be great to see you :)

Daisie xxx

* not to be confused with the one and only Bagladee, Emma.


smilernpb said...

Great totes. I wish I could actually make something as lovely as you do! Although where you find the itme I don't know! lol

And isn't Bagladee just great?!


Sweet Mess said...

Love those bags~ wish I could swing by next Saturday and see them in person ;)

nocton4 said...

those are gorgeous, love the fabrics, you go girl xx
thanks for the lovely potty comment, made me laugh xx