Thursday, 22 July 2010

My Husband Bob

A madness has befallen the Davies household again, we are, as I have said before just thirteen years into our five-year restoration plan *coughs* and sighs and gives out loving vibes to my family home! We Simon have spent many a summer gutting and plastering and painting but this years' project is by far the biggest. It runs right through the middle of our home, the stairs and landing;

The hallway;

The porch;

And the frontroom;

We are blocking up the horrible double doors that were here when we moved in and filling the new wall with bookcasing;

We are going to open up under the stairs for access and to make the whole downstairs a more usable family space. I am shitting myself very excited as money and time allowing the house will be finished by this time(ish) next year. My lovely husband will have built a new home inside our 1920s stone exterior. He has completed a bathroom, a kitchen and three bedrooms (the last one he turned into two), you can read about the last DIY adventure here, here and here. He is wonderful. I do say 'we' but it is mostly him with me entertaining the children, driving to the tip and making good coffee.

Demolition will start in a day or two, the new windows and front door are due to be fitted towards the end of next week and then it's all systems go! Simon has the hard work to do and I need to find a suitable colour for the walls and several light fittings.......... wish us luck!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Eeeeeek! Good luck!! I'll saunter round when it is all done and marvel :)

Nancy said...

I love

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you! We just completed a 1-year full renovation. Actually we finished a year ago, but it still is not completely done. Funny how those renovations go on and on.

twiggypeasticks said...

Ooo crikey, Mr Twigs is not ahem DIY inclined. He put our new floors down in April and they still aren't finished !! Send Simon round if he gets a minute will you :) Good luck.
Twiggy x

Sue said...

Good luck with all the hard work, look forward to seeing some photos of the progress.

Florrie said...

You're so brave starting your renovation just as the school holidays other half is wonderful but we did have our kitchen flat packed in boxes under our bed for about five years before we finally put it in.......good luck.
florrie x

jennyflower said...

Ooooo, have fun!!! xxx

WendyCarole said...

we have alcoves both sides of our fireplace filled with books.

Most of our neighbours have taken out all the fireplaces to make flat walls. Our neighbour two doors down has moved his family out and is renovating top to bottom as I write. The noise somedays drives me mad

Look forward to seeing how yours progresses

Di said...

We too are in last knockings of renovations - like others find, they have grown like Topsy!

But I wanted to say that I just roared with laughter at your strike-through in this posting!!!

Thanks for making my day :)