Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Umpa Lumpa Dumpidy Doo

My smallest son did the most amazing impression of and Umpa Lumpa last night during tea;

Amazing as he is Elizabeth did point out that his eyebrows are not white enough to look authentic!

And we are now enjoying our summer holidays from school. The girls finished school early today and we have been moving book cases and stuff ready for this summer's demolition/rebuild project (I'll be back to show you our battle plan soon).

The boys and I popped over to see my lovely friend Naomi and her very brand new baby this morning, he arrived via the sunroof (C section) in somewhat of a drama but both Frank and his Mummy are fine (if a little rattled). Nathaniel thinks that he's lovely and spent ages kissing and holding him. Nathaniel did say that it wasn't fair, I asked what he meant and he said; "Mee-omi has two babies and I only have one!" Funny little man ;) He told his sisters that when he is a big Daddy he is going to have lots of babies and is going to grow extra hands so he can make them fly;

Daisie xxx

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lightning liz said...

seb is a cute umpa lumpa though his eye brows are not white enough and his hair is not green and curled !!!