Saturday, 31 July 2010

We're Moving Out Today

We're packing our PJs and heading to my Mum's empty house to hide from the mess, the front room is now fully gutted and it's now the turn of the landing/stairs/hallway so we're sellotaping the bedroom doors shut and making a run for it! The post title made me think of this, which I haven't heard in years and always makes me smile!

So there will be no posting going on here, or very little.

I thought I'd leave you with pictures of what we've been up to recently. We had hours of fun with hama beads, my OCD really loves this and I spent far longer than the children sitting at the table. It's a great activity that we can all do calmly together, Nathaniel's creations are a bit random but he enjoys playing along and we have to distract Sebastian as he likes to eat small things;

We had a bit of a coaster making session, there are many many more;

Nathaniel gets bored every now and again and demands "a quick huggle";

Sebastian, not eating hama beads;

Right, off to pack many pairs of pants and pyjamas and towels and to put the veg for tea in the big pan an stow it in the car for tonight.

The new windows amd door will be here at half eight on Monday morning so best get the man knocking the walls down ;)

Daisie xxx


WendyCarole said...

Happy hiding out!

I love hama beads. You can make such colourful things
I have a heart a pupil gave me years ago hanging on the wall up here

Sue said...

Good luck, hope it all goes according to plan.

smilernpb said...

Have fun!

We love hama beads too, although not so much when they end up spilling all on the floor....!

And, well we nearly always end up with random creations! lol

I hope your home gets sorted according to plan, and you are back to normal very soon!

Big hugs xx

Swirlyarts said...

Good luck :)