Wednesday, 14 July 2010

When Is A Toilet Not A Toilet?

When it's something else of course;

The postman knocked (only once) and when I opened the door handed me a package and said "I've something else for you too." I got very excited, one because I always like post and two because I had a feeling I knew what it was. He walked back to his big red van (no black and white cat though) and said "We thought it was a toilet but then we picked it up and if it's a toilet it doesn't weigh very much...." I assured him it wasn't a toilet.

Inside were this lovely pair;

They have beautiful bodies and beautiful legs;

They arrived a bit dusty and very smelly but the covers have been in the wash, the bods have been standing in the garden (inbetween showers) for some well needed fresh air, the stands have been scrubbed clean and I think they're fabulous. An amazingly lucky and bargainous find on ebay late friday night when I had just stopped sewing and thought I'd waste a little more of my sleeptime in browsing. I exclaimed my delight and interest and said I'd think about it, like I always do and if it hadn't been for my fabulous husband just going and buying them (£40 the pair, can you believe it??!!) they'd be in someone elses house now.

Thank you Simon, I really need your decisiveness at times like these! Mwah!!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Cool!! You'll have to give them very old lady names like Mabel and Constance. I think it's the rules for mannequins :)

salthousegreen said...

You're bound to stumble downstairs for a drink one night and think you've got intruders!
They are very cool though.
H x

Jackie said...

Hmm...theyd be in MY house if I'd seen them. So lucky you. Envy...

Jackie said...

Oh I just saw Swirlies comment..mine is called Constance after the lady who gave it to me. The other slimmer one which came from the tip( husband can be romantic too!) is called Venus. But neither of them is as beautiful as yours.