Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A New Obsession

I made some bunting last week (that the girls mistakenly thought were fancy pants) for Evi's birthday. I have been meaning to make some for ages, I promised Francesca when she moved into her pink room, but things keep getting in the way. Now I have made some I can't stop, it is so simple and so very effective. A large roll of binding tape from good old eBay and a few bits of pretty cotton from my stash and look what I've got;

The process is so repetative and soothing, the only ball ache hard bit is poking out the points with my crochet hook to make them nice and pointy. To be honest I can't believe how easy it is and am now kicking myself for not having done it before!!

The theme of the fair on Saturday is 'All The Colours Of The Rainbow', I plan to hang all the bunting across my stall inside the gazebo like a fancy floating ceiling. I just hope the rain holds off and the sun shines.

Saturday 10th, 10.30 til 3.30, Gawthorpe Hall. Maybe see some of you there? Make sure you say hi!

Daisie xxx


dottycookie said...

Hope all goes well - and I bet you get people asking to buy your stall decorations!

smilernpb said...

I hope all goes well. And I love the bunting...if it's that easy then maybe I might be able to make some too?! Haha. I won't hold my breath....!! lol xx

jackanne said...

Hi super bunting, its adictive when you start to make it!! i have made lots and have a wedding order for next May yikes! (i like to make for fun but a real order!!)oh well i do have plenty of time ha. Hope all goes well with your makes at the stall.xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Great bunting! It's such a happy decoration isn't it?! Lucy x