Thursday, 1 July 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle

I have spent the last three/four weeks collecting, washing and sorting used school uniform items for a 'Uniform Swap' The centre manager and the Head Teacher were quite impressed with my idea for a swap. It went out on the school news letter (every child takes one home on a friday afternoon) asking parents to donate any items of good school uniform that no longer fitted their child and then return last friday and collect a new uniform for their child in a different size.

I save some things for Francesca but even after she has had wear from them many garments are as good as new. I do pass things along in the playground but some people are far to proud to accept donated clothes (god knows why, my children would be naked half the time without hand-me-downs!) and it's often the families that need the help most that don't accept. By making it a big community event there was no shame in rummaging for new uniform.

It was all clean and folded and laid out nicely so didn't have the 'jumble sale' feel, if you know what I mean;

I had two small helpers;

Friday afternoon was a success in that we got rid of nearly half of what had been donated and recruted some new families too (by sending invitations to children at Nursery School that will be attending our school next year) but our centre is on the small side and storage is a problem so the centre manager and I dragged what was left out into the playground on tuesday afternoon and we had lots more takers;

There is now only a small bag in the shed and we hope to continue this as a rolling programme, parents/carers will continue to donate as and when and we will bring it all out (with a plentiful supply of carriers) every half term (six times a year).

Why not do it at your school or playgroup, share and share alike, be kinder to eachother, your purse and our envirnment?

Daisie xxx


Nancy said...

what a wonderful idea... in my area we have Freecycle where you post your freebie on the group and someone comes and get it. I have gotten rid of so much great stuff, a gun cabinet and tupperware and clothes and books and so much..

Laura Jayne said...

I've said it many a time since i met you but i do truly believe it, you are as Super mum extrodnaire! Really is a fab idea! x

Swirlyarts said...

This is such a good idea! I might undertake it for my school - I'll be bombarding you with questions later :)

Not Just Handbags said...

This is a really good idea. Our junior school has just changed its uniform but in future it would be a good idea. Those are two very cute helpers you have!Elissa x

jennyflower said...

That's a brilliant plan. Unfortunately Will only has to don a garment once to make it look like he's slept in a muddy the rain. Perhaps I'll have more luck with Anna? xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

We do something similar at Twiglets school. We donate uniform bits and bobs and then they are sold for 50p and the money goes to school funds. Like you I'm not proud about accepting stuff from other folks and pass a LOT of stuff on to friends and playground buddies. Funny thing is I'm too polite to say no, and Twiglet now has 10 school jumpers in the same size. Think I might have to donate some to school but must remember to cut out name tags first :)
twiggy x