Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Of sorts, it's all coming down and the dust is flying. The contents of the front are in the dining room, could have done with a giant shoe horn I can tell you!

When you open my front door you are now greeted by this;

A rather huge green plastic sheet and some original varnished wallpaper. But when you hold your breathe (because of the dust) and sneak behind the greenness you spy a wonderful chimney breast;

The bit under the arch which has been added when the gas fire was will be removed and the brick will be repaired and repointed and painted like the chimney breasts upstairs, I can't wait, this, for me, is the most exciting bit!

This is what is left under the stairs where our new entrance will be;

And this is the other side of the plastic sheet which will be beautiful bookshelves;

It's still very exciting and scary.

Daisie xxx


Locket Pocket said...

It all looks very exciting! Especially the chimney breast. We uncovered ours when we moved into this house and it was the best thing we ever did - I love it! Lucy x

Swirlyarts said...


Sue said...

Not a small job then! Hope it keeps going well, look forward to regular updates.

nocton4 said...

goodness Mama, bet all thats keeping you on your toes.
a big loving hug to you xx

Florrie said...

All I can say is WOW.....some demolition job. But I'm sure it's going to look fantastic when it's finished........and as the saying goes, You can't make an omlette without breaking eggs!
Florrie x

Tamsyn said...

wow, that will be amazing when its finished, but its hard when all the dust is flying, we have a looooot to do on ours, but may take us 5 years before we start :) Good luck x