Thursday, 1 July 2010

Novelty Knickers

My girlies are so funny, when they came home from school this afternoon this was on the table;

They're funny knickers! Yeah! That's neatly folded bunting;

Admittedly the bag needs an iron but am quite pleased that I had my head out of the toilet long enough to sew it all up ready for Nathaniel's friend Evi's birthday at the weekend. I had run out of little magic blue pills and my migraine was so far advanced by the time the surgery opened for me to get some more it took all day for me to feel better. The boys have been a dream though and I have managed to puke alone and lay down inbetween without too much being asked of me, thank you Cbeebies!! A lesson learned, when I take the last one of this box I will be getting some more in pronto!!

I have managed some other sewing but am struggling with still having no way to view my pictures until I pop them onto the computer and the pics I have taken are so full of other crap stuff that it's hard to see them in a good light. Will try harder tomorrow and get back to you!

Daisie xxx

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Bagladee said...

Lovely bunting Alex, sorry that you suffer from the dreaded migraines. Hugs to you. xx