Monday, 1 December 2008


Blimey it has been so cold here today! It took an age to defrost the car for the school run and when Nathaniel and I came back to the car after dropping the girls off it wouldn't move, it started but just wouldn't go forward (or backward for that matter). So we sat there with the heater on waiting for it to warm the car through and see if that made the problem better. It didn't :-( I had no pram in the car and it was -4 (very cold indeed) no mobile phone and no purse!!

I gathered my trusty ring sling and took off my layers and put Nathaniel against me for warmth, zipped him up inside my cardigan and then popped my coat on the top. He only had on a coat and I would normally have him in his big coat with legs if we were walking, felt like a very bad disorganised ill-prepared mother!! We set off on the mile and a half walk home. At the end of the road it started to snow, really snow! We were very wet and very cold when we got home.

Phoned the RAC chappie and he came out this afternoon and do you know what........when we got back to the car it was fine! It is booked in at the garage tomorrow because it doesn't feel right when I drive it although it does go forward (and backwards) which is much better than this morning!!!

Some makes now.

Last night I managed to finish this tote/shopping bag that I made from an old table cloth;

I also made these two 'boy' hottie covers from a piece of repurposed fleece covered in racing cars;

Once I had thawed out and done some washing and checked flickr (will explain in a mo) a few times I made some more notecard sets;

I especially like these flower ones;

But these look rather yummy too;

Now the flickr thing. I have entered the Folksy Angel competition. Voting starts tomorrow (unless they change the timing again) via a blog post here. The winner will be the picture with the most comments. Please go and have a look and vote for your favourite (that would be ME)!!! I will, of course be reminding you all again tomorrow! There are lots of lovely entries and they all deserve a good look and some praise (but not too much). Voting time is only short as it's all scheduled to end on Wednesday! Argh! If there are so many entries that I get lost amongst them you can see my photo here so you know what you're looking for!

Blimey I do ramble on don't I?! Sorry!!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

I am liking those cards! Snow? Nope, none here in Blackburn or Kirkham for that matter!!

Julie said...

I Love those cards. Right am off to have look at your flickr picture....X

Pixiedust said...

Oh poor you, at least you and nathanial got home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards. We've got no snow up here in Cumbria - well not here by the coast anyway :) Poor you getting stranded in the snow but YAY for slings ;-)

Stella xx