Monday, 29 December 2008

I Am Not A Photographer!

I've been cuteabled (is that the term?)!!!!! Very exciting, thanks Lynsey!!

I love being on cuteable, makes me feel like a proper person, if you know what I mean!? But it always amazes me how good other people's photos are, or more accurately how bad mine are.

And just to prove the point (as if I needed to) here's a brooch I made for my sister as a thank you;

Charlotte bought me a huge bundle of fancy yarns. Pink and gold fluffy, some multi coloured velvet yarn (already half a pair of bootees), some wonderfully soft heather coloured bamboo and a funky black and pink twist. As a Thank you present I made her a little brooch with the pink and gold fluff. I knitted a big chunky rosette and added some left over felt pieces in black and pink and then finished with some black glass beads and a brooch pin on the back. She rather liked it and it looked fab on her black winter coat!

Today we have Elizabeth's friend Myah with us so I need to go and paint some toenails in a bit and get everyone dressed and then we're off on a woodland adventure.

Tomorrow sees a day of shopping to spend the lovely Hobbycraft vouchers I got from my Mum and Dad and to spend Simon and Elizabeth's book tokens. We will probably find something for Francesca and Nathaniel too, would be mean not too!

Have a lovely day!!

Daisie xxxx


Sweet Mess said...

Hmmm... if you have a digital camera could you use the "close up" feature? (it usually is a little flower symbol) or maybe clean the lens and take the photo farther away and and use some sort of program like picassa or picnik to crop or sharpen the image? Your crafts are so cute~ it is a shame to have a fuzzy image!
Good luck!

Tip Top said...

Well done on the Cuteable feature!! Yeah - use the 'flower' feature and let the camera focus first!! And check for thumb prints on the lens too!! You'll get there in the end!

Very lovely pink and fluffy!

disa said...