Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Busy Bee

Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails regarding my lack of 'going out' clothes. I ended up doing a mega shop with good ol' Swirly and got lots of stuff for Christmas presents and a knee length denim skirt (bit of a variation on a theme but there you go) and my long sleeved, not too old black t-shirt got ironed, don't think it knew what had hit it!! But when hunting in my knicker drawer (like you do) I found some beautiful Liberty tights that I bought when very pregnant with Nathaniel for only a pound (they were originally £25)! I was going to do a picture but they don't look as impressive laying on the floor/bed but had trouble taking a pic of them on my legs. Will get someone to snap me next time I wear them as they really are rather special.

The evening went very well and it was one of the few social situations I have been in for a long time where I have been the youngest! I'm usually the old bag element! We ate good curry, drank wine and chatted the night away.

Last weekend the girls and I made pizza;

Sunday saw a last minute dash to Blackpool to try and finish the Christmas shopping. There were originally lots of us going but due to childcare issues and prior arrangements there ended up just the three of us (my sister Naomi and friend Claire) and because I drive a Multipla, we all sat in the front! It was a proper girly road trip!!

A brilliant shop, all the things on my list ticked off! But when we returned to the car it was to find a penalty notice for not displaying a valid ticket in the car park. F***ing blind traffic guy! It had fallen from the windscreen (the sticky bit was still attached) but could quite clearly be seen on the dash. Needless to say a snotty email has gone to Blackpool Council and I AM NOT PAYING!!!!!

Francesca has been unwell with her chest (surprise surprise) and has been poorly all weekend. We were all invited to my Mum and Dad's for a Christmas celebration on Sunday as they will be in their little house in the Vendee for Christmas. Everyone was there; my sisters, my brother and his family, some cousins and a spare auntie and uncle. We all got a little present too!! She was so poorly that she couldn't even eat sweets (must have been bad) by six so it was home to bed! Off to the doctors yesterday for some lovely penicillin! Hasn't made a difference yet and we're playing the yo-yo game with paracetamol and 'brufen! She's ok, she can play and talk and read books, she worse, she's crying and shaking, she's really bad, sweating, crying, coughing and struggling to breathe, how long til the next dose!? Anyone who has children knows the routine and my sympathies to anyone in the same boat this week, it stinks!

She has missed being an angel in the school play (I could cry) and in a bid to cheer her up yesterday I dragged the tree from the attic. We sorted out all the lovely dangles and said we'd wait for Elizabeth to come home from school before we put the decorations on. Sadly by the time that happened Francesca was very hot and shivery again and didn't want to hang any :-(

Elizabeth, being such a lovely sister, put some of the pinkest and sparkliest dangles to one side and said we should save them for Francesca to put on when she feels better. She also put the 'Francesca' angel on the top;

Hopefully I won't be gone so long this time just listing all the fair stock (or some of it at least) on folksy and will be back soon with some pics of the current WIPs, mostly presents but not for people who come and look here!!
Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Poor F, give her a cuddle from me. Your tree looks brilliant, just right for your family. Sorry to hear about the ticket, fight the good fight girl. Canterbury is very nice for shopping you should definetly have a girls road trip there next year!