Monday, 22 December 2008

A Family Snuggle Day

I ventured out early this morning to tackle the food shop and the terrible crowds that go with it at this time of year. My friend Claire came with me, we left all the children with Simon. I did a super shop, got lots of bargains and lots of lovely food to eat! And maybe something lovely to drink too!! I didn't have the task of choosing a bird though as Simon bought a goose yesterday. Very excited!

Then once the shopping had been put away, the sandwiches had been made and eaten, nappies changed (well only one) and the toilet had been visited by us all we snuggled down to watch Stardust. It was brilliant. Elizabeth was glued to the screen except when there was kissing;

Francesca being the romantic that she is loved all the kissing;

The plot was a little much for Nathaniel and he fell asleep on the floor;

It was brilliant and I can highly recommend it!

Last few presents to deliver tomorrow and Wednesday and new shoes to buy for Nathaniel, please keep your fingers cfrossed that it isn't as bad as last time!!

Hope evryone elses preparations are going well!?

Daisie xxx


willow81 said...

We love Stardust too, although my very favourite Christmas film at the moment is 'Elf' with Will Ferrell. So cute!
Well done for doing your shopping today.. I couldn't even get parked at our local supermarket. xx

Jackie said...

I wish I'd known it was on. When we went to Skye we went in a shop and they were talking about Michelle Pfeiffer having been in to buy a sweater becasue she was so cold when they were shooting Stardust.
Have a lovely lovely Christmas. I'm doing the big shop tomorrow.

Tip Top said...

Awww! I used to love it when the boys crashed out on the floor!

I've left my Simon to do the shopping this afternoon hehehehe!!

Hannah said...

aww! I can't think of a better way to spend an evening:)