Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day

Hello, hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday?!

We had lots of fun, opened some wonderful presents and ate lots of lovely food.

I need to state now that we will NOT be having a goose again next year. Don't get me wrong, it was very delicious and it helped me make the most amazing roast potatoes but it only just fed the six of us at lunch. None for sarnies or soup as we usually get from the trukey. Maybe I will pop into a supermarket when they reopen and buy a half price turkey so we can have 'leftovers'

We opened stockings bright and early and the looks on the children's faces make all the hard work and worry so worth it. Had eggs for breakfast and opened a few more prezzies.

We (well, Simon and the children) had half an hour in the garden while I set the table and dismembered the goose.

Bubbles, what a great idea, thanks Ant!!

We always have our friend Ant at Christmas (he is our spare, not really related relative) and this year he brought with him an uninvited guest;

And some funny hats;

We're off to the in-laws to do it all again later!!

Daisie xxxx


Hannah said...

I'm glad you had a good day :) Those hats are ace! Hannah xxx

Sweet Mess said...

Looks like an engrossing visitor!
I am happy you all had a nice Christmas!

willow81 said...

Your goose looks fantastic but like you I'd be missing the turkey leftovers, particularly the bones to make some turkey soup!

Happy New Year xxx