Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wednesday Night Blues

Just been listing some hotties that didn't get nicked!

And the lovely Louise has been in touch to tell me she has started work on her website, go take a look here.

And that's it for now as I am feeling slightly fed up. I am going out with some Mums from school tomorrow night for a curry (proper, grown up event!) but most of my wardrobe is still in boxes in the attic while we wait for a plasterer and after nearly an hour trying on clothes earlier today with no success I have given up! So it'll be clean (ish) jeans and a snot free t-shirt (provided I can find one) girls :-S

Daisie xxx


Hannah said...

I hope you mange to enjoy you're night anyway! Love the hotties by the way:) xxx

jennyflower said...

Hope you enjoyed your curry- grubby jeans and textured T's are very 'now'- I've been i a foul mood all week, finally resolved last night with a glass of wine and an early night-phew!