Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Baking

Well, I was very pleased to see that my give away prize has arrived with Kelcey and that Lili looks so beautiful in my knitted clips! Happy Christmas Kelcey and Co!

The Christmas cake came out really well, slightly sunken in the middle but that suits me and Simon as we scoff the bits when I trim it flat!!

I put the marzipan on and I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the coughing girl at my hip or the grumpy boy on the worktop but it looks a little slap dash to me but you can't see this layer when it's iced :-)

Iced it last night and made the Davies Family in fondant icing;

Me and Simon at the back and the children huddled together at the front. I have done this before but there were only four of us then! A variation on a theme but one that comes in handy when lacking in time and inclination!!

I also made four dozen mince pies for Simon to take to work, twelve Christmas buns to try and entice Francesca to eat something!

We are still ill. Me and Elizabeth less so now, just snotty and coughing with a sore throat, no more than a cold really. Francesca's chest is still very bad after a week of killer antibiotics and a regular inhaler. I took her back to see the doctor this morning and she now has a course of steroids to take but may need further treatment if not improved by Monday. Hope she is ok again for Christmas, it's awful when your four year old can't walk up the stairs without having to lay down and turning blue!

She is snuggling and sleeping lots which can only help;

But the 'Snotty Nose Of The Week Award' goes to Master Nathaniel Davies;

It hasn't stopped him smiling though!!

Still haven't managed to finish the hand sewing or the little bit of knitting I have been trying to do all week. Must get cracking as am delivering them this afternoon, argh!!!!

Hope everyone is well?

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Hee - the cake looks great!

Tip Top said...

At least it is clear snot!! I find blue jeans hide any tell tale signs but black is a BIG NO NO!!!!! Do not wear black in public until snot all gone!!

Hope you all get better soon!

Sharon said...

You poor things! Hope you all feel better soon. Loving the snowfamily!!

jennyflower said...

I hope you will be sending out corner bits of cake in cute little boxes in the new year! Sorry you guys are suffering-bad news.

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely cake missus. Hope you're all soon better. We have the lurgy yet again, bah blardy nursery mutter, mutter. My snot looks like custard - nice !!
Twiggy x

Jackie said...

I thought the cake looked yummy and the maezipan even better...I love marzipan...but then I saw the snot.....
Hope they are all better soon.