Friday, 5 December 2008

The Big Draw

It's a very serious business and Elizabeth used her ruler to make sure that each piece of paper was the same size in the way that only a neurotic seven year old can;

Elizabeth then photographed me writing the names onto the little squares;

Folding each piece carefully;

And in this one I seem to have fallen asleep (?);

She had lots of fun mixing the names all together and laughed so much I thought she was going to wet herself when some spilled on the floor (we did pick them up again);

We couldn't decide who was going to pick the winner so they all piled in and the first one out was Sweet Mess!! So, Kelcey, if you'll email me your postal address I can pop the little skate (and maybe something for Lili) in the post.

Blimey, that was very stressful, I may try doing it on my own next time but the pictures won't be as good me thinks!
Daisie xxx


Sweet Mess said...

YAY!!!I won the skate!
I was so hesitant to enter b/c I didn't want you to have to ship something to the states... but then I figured- well, I never really win anything so what the heck. Goes to show eh?
I am sorry that you will have to mail it so far, but I am so excited.
Thank you!

jennyflower said...

Poo, get the girls to check my slip was the right size will you?

Jude said...

Well done Sweet Mess, it'll look smashing on your tree.
Won'tbe so much fun next time if everyone doesn't muck in!