Friday, 5 December 2008

Sqishy Squares

Well, Julie has been taken back into hospital until the new year so I didn't get to see her today. Big blow, made me very sad! I am delivering all your lovely cards and gifts to her husband on Monday and he will take them to her when he can.

I spent last night sewing these squishy squares;

I have made some with sequins sewn on but these have brads through the felt squares, I have sewn them into a cube (I use the term loosely), stuffed them and threaded ribbon through the corners. Think they'll look rather cool on a Christmas tree!

I am at a farmers market and craft fair this sunday at: Guy's Thatched Hamlet, Canmalside, Bilsborrow, Nr. Garstang PR3 0RS if anyone fancies popping along and saying hi?!

Daisie xxx


Hannah said...

Hey there! I'm commenting n 2 posts here, I'm pleased you had a successful clinic, 22 is brilliant. Well done on coming second in folksy angels.!
I'm sorry to hear that your friend is in hospital over Christmas. I hope you get to see her soon xxx

Tip Top said...

The food at Ole Nells is fab (its next door!)

Good luck at the fair - its in a good location and good area too so you could be rolling in it!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Good luck at the fair, I love your squishy squares. I hope your parcel for Julie gives her a smile.(I'm sure having such a caring friend has)
Twiggy x