Sunday, 23 November 2008

I Nearly Died Of Hypothermia!

Sorry I have been away all week but it's been a bit mad really.

Julie's (see side bar) possible donor turns out to not be a match and there is the possibility of a matching donor in Spain but it's all very hit and miss at the moment and it was a huge blow to me, god only knows how Julie and her family must be feeling!?

With that in mind I have been a woman on a mission and have been leaflet dropping and generally harassing Joe Public where ever I go. I am hoping with all the good feedback and enquiries that we've had that we can add another 50 people to the register. Fingers crossed!

I also did a craft fair in Preston yesterday and it would have been a huge disaster had I not had the chance to meet the wonderful Jackie! She spent the afternoon teaching Francesca and I to felt! I can feel some more things needed for my stash! Love it, the results were amazing, Francesca's piece is not finished yet but there will be pictures when it is.

It was a slow day for everyone there and I didn't even take enough to pay for my stall :-( a small price to pay though for a day with my baby girl and a new skill! I did, though, sell Twiggy's brooch so need to knit another for her this week.

I will have full to bursting etsy and folksy shops unless some one can tell me of some lovely craft fairs to attend (I haven't been put off yet), I am based in East Lancashire and will travel a bit....? Please let me know!

Now, for the hypothermia! Blimey it's cold and being the wolly that I am I have spent ages out in the park this afternoon looking for the bestest place to photograph my Folksy Angel entry. I tried a privet hedge, a big huge bit of ivy over somebody's garden wall and found an amazing (and prickly) holly bush. I took lots (and some) of pics and this is the one I decided to use (eventually);

A winning entry?

I feel quite sick with the tension. The closing date is officially the 30th but only entries gathered by the 23rd (that would be today) are eligible to be used on the Folksy Christmas card. Hence the poncing around with holly bushes!!

Don't think I've got a chance really, I never win anything :-(
Not sulking *honest* Jackie!!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Oh dear re the craft fair, but they will have more next year - so maybe then?

Good luck with the entry!

PS The word verification is artic - how apt!!

Jackie said...

Hi Daisie
I enjoyed meeting you too.
(And I didn't mean 'home made'I meant 'hand crafted'.)

Tip Top said...

There is an award for you on my blog!

Pixiedust said...

Hi Daisie, the craft fairs here have been pants too. Just not the people coming through the door, and I've still yet to sell on etsy. I hope you find a good one soon.

Sharon said...

You should win, they're LOVELY!!

eljay1980 said...

Hi Daisie,

I've just popped over for a read of your blog after Tip Top mentioned on the Crafts Forum that you'd been along to Lostock Hall on Saturday - I was there too!! Like yourself, I didn't have a successful day at all but I'm glad to hear that you and your daughter managed to make the most of it.

With regards to your awareness campaign, etc I just want to wish you all the luck in the world with it and if there's anything that I can do - even if only displaying the poster on our website.

Hope everything goes well.

Laura xxx