Friday, 28 November 2008

A Big Favour

I am getting very cheeky indeed this week! I have stopped joggers and cyclists, harassed people in asda, at playgroups and the school yard. I am determined to find a match (see side bar) for Julie!!

I have just had a lovely conversation with Julie and while things do look quite bleak and whatever happens she and her family have a mountain to climb she is up beat and optimistic (as only a mother of small children can be at such times).

Bad news came to her last week when a possible match turned out not to be after all :-( Julie's case has now been classed 'rare' and 'urgent'.

I am asking all my lovely bloggy pals to have a look here and if you have the time to spare I would be so grateful if you would organise a bone marrow donation registration clinic where you are. It is an awful lot to ask and please don't feel obliged in any way.

If you are wanting to help simply find the person on the list who is responsible for your area, contact them and find a venue (GP's surgery, community centre, school) that is willing to 'host' your event. The Anthony Nolan staff are wonderful and will do everything they can to help.

I know at this time of year everyone is very busy but what a gift to give; Life!

If not for Julie, for the hundreds of other people who are relying on a bone marrow transplant to see next Christmas!

Thank you, Daisie xxx

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