Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Poor Postman!

I have been out leaflet dropping for the Anthony Nolan Clinic and I now pity the poor postman! You have trouble getting anything through people's letter boxes and if you're lucky you can get your fingers back with skin on! I have slipped on so many mossy paths that are full of wet leaves, Nathaniel has been laughing at me from the safety of his pram! And dogs, don't get me started, I have had at least ten heart attacks when the little (and big) blighters have barked and jumped up on the other side of the door!! I have also been harassing local business owners and some of them have been very nice and displayed posters for me! We'll not mention the others, tsk! I like delivering to terraced blocks that face straight onto the pavement and council semis as you can go down one path and do two doors at once as they are next to each other. Newer houses are a pain but hopefully I'll be able to get some girls from school to help me later!

It is still very sunny and actually quite mild out so we are off again soon to deliver some more en route to school. And I am aiming to take some of my goodies to the park when I have the girls to try and get some good photos for the competition. Fingers crossed!

And just in case you were interested the clinic will be on;

Thursday December 4th
Ightenhill Children's Centre
Oak Street
BB12 6QZ
From 2pm until 6pm.
Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Sorry that the fair was chilly and not profitable but I'm dead jealous about the felt making! I have not forgotten the post for Julie and hope to send it later in the week. xxxxx