Friday, 7 November 2008

A very productive day here at Daisie Towers today.

Nathaniel and I gave Tumble Tots a miss this morning as he has been very sick in the night. Ugh! Very noisy, very smelly, horrid snot ridden stuff that made him heave until there was nothing left. Poor boy. He was his usual self again by breakfast time but so tired! We usually give Julie a lift from school (she is Julie that runs Tumble Tots at the sports centre or Mrs. Spencer at school or Lucy's Mum) as we are there anyway. I gave her a lift down today as it had already been arranged and I'd have felt bad making her go on the bus. She climbed into the car with two huge bags of stuff. One was balls and things for TT and the other bag was for me! How I squeaked! Lots of lovely craftie goodies for me and the children. Best of all was a little box of off cuts of ribbons and bits stolen from greetings cards (my favourite), will show you a pic soon. Thanks Julie!

Then I went to the post office to collect the float for tomorrow. £50 in change doesn't look very much. I expected it to be very heavy indeed. It's not. I even recounted it before I left as I thought the woman had made a mistake!

Nathaniel went to bed soon after we got home so I made four custom hotties. They are not due for delivery for a while but I thought they could come with me tomorrow and look pretty on my table;

Then there was a big bang on the door! A strange man! Who brought me a big box of posters and loads of flyers. The Anthony Nolan advertising had arrived, nearly kissed the man but managed to contain my excitement. I packaged up some for Julie's husband to share amongst her friends and some for my Mum who said she's stick them up and around and some other friends and the hospital and a doctors surgery or two and school. Monday morning will see the start of my pavement pounding and harrassing local business owners!

Home again with an extra child after school to roast some beef and make some yorkshire pudding;

Sorry that the picture is such a funny shape but I had to hide the grime in my oven! Didn't want it to stop you marvelling at my huge yorkshire. Had it risen any more it would have had it's own gravitational pull! I thought we ought to have a proper meal as it'll be something and beans tomorrow when I am all faired out!

I don't feel overly organised and have spent the day panicking and faffing and packing and unpacking and now a starnge calm has fallen on me and, you know what? It's gonna be fine!

Just to take the car seats out of the car and then off to bed and I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about it!

Daisie xxx


Sweet Mess said...

I wish you loads of luck tomorrow!!!

Jude said...

Oh, I love Yorkshire pud!Hmm I can smell it from here, yum

Apple Valley said...

Good luck for your fair today.

twiggypeasticks said...

Hope it's going well for you today missus. I thought about you this morning when I was stood in Staples in front of the bulldog clips :)
Twiggy x

Tip Top said...

Hope its going well!